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The Essence of It All: A Series of Inspirational Entrepreneurial Stories - Madam C.J. Walker Discover Madam C.J. Walker's inspiring journey as the first self-made female millionaire in the U.S. Her revolutionary 'Walker System' transformed the beauty industry, empowering African American women. Beyond business success, she pioneered a networ... Read More

Your Perfect Salon Suite in Illinois: Finally Here Crest Hill and Hillside Essence Salon Suites Essence Salon Suites has exciting news. Our Crest Hill and Hillside Essence Salon Suites are OPEN NOW! Limited space only so make sure to CALL NOW. Read More

Boost Your Business with a Customized Newsletter: Tips for Beauty and Hair Professionals in Illinois Ever wondered how a customized newsletter can help beauty and hair professionals boost their business in Illinois?! Well we have got all the reasons as to why you should get started on yours. Read More