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The Advantages of Choosing a Salon Suite Over a Traditional Salon: A Comparison Is owning a salon suite better than working at a salon? Being your boss as a salon suite owner in Illinois has many advantages. If you are wondering whether or not to ditch the traditional salon route, here are the answers you are looking for. Read More

Designing Your Salon Suite for Maximum Customer Comfort and Satisfaction: Tips for Illinois Salon Suite Owners and Tenants This article will explore essential tips and strategies to help you design your salon suite for maximum customer comfort and satisfaction. This is especially true when catering to the Illinois market. Read More

Creating a Successful Salon Suite Business: Tips and Strategies for New Owners This article will explore essential tips and strategies to help you navigate the competitive landscape and achieve long-term success within the Illinois Salon Suite and Beauty Industry. Read More

Enhancing Your Skills as a Salon Suite Tenant: Professional Development and Continuing Education Opportunities Constant education paves the path to success! As a salon suite owner, your biggest advantage is staying ahead of the game, and more often than not, this involves being able to stay on top of new services and techniques in the industry. Read More

How to Stay Competitive in the Salon Suite Market: Understanding the Latest Trends and Innovations Illinois has many beauty industry professionals, so gaining a competitive edge will always be advantageous! But what does this mean? Well, let us help you understand the best way to stay competitive as a Salon Suite tenant in Illinois. Read More