Update 8 Oak Forest Salon Suites

Hello everybody sorry for being Mia it’s been a extremely busy few weeks of preparations to get all our life style professionals Private Salon Suites ready for the holiday season! First thing I need to do is personally thank all of our amazing life style professionals for being patient with us while we work so hard to give them the salon Suite they deserve!

Now for the updates,

We have so far completed almost everything! Starting with the exterior we have completed parking lot with fresh tar and linings. The outside camera system with built in LEDs for extra security also has been completed and exterior intercom system will be completed tomorrow! Landscaping is also underway and should be completed by the end of the week.

For the interior,

All wall painting has been completed Which opened the door to so much more for us to tackle. All security systems have been installed which includes private intercom system and key Fob system! Our shipment of chair hair stations also have been delivered and will be installed tomorrow ready for inspection this Friday. Also installation of cabinets has started about 2 days ago and we are almost complete!

what’s left,

We have gone through a journey and so happy to say we have almost come to the end! Right now all we have left is the completion of the cabinets, granite counter tops, touch ups, deep cleaning!

We are so excited to show everybody the work we have done and see the happiness it brings!

Thank You

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