Update 7 Oak Forest Salon Suites

Hello everybody so sorry that we haven’t kept you in the loop in the previous week but we have been hard at work and pushing the crew hard to move fast but to also not cut corners. We are here to bring you the Salon Suite you deserve with style and luxury! Im happy to say they we are consistently making progress everyday. Within the previous 2 weeks we have completed all painting on the exterior, placed all new lighting on the exterior, installed the LED sign, laid down 2nd layer of tar to the parking lot, installed brand new air conditioning units and security fencing. For the interior we have installed all framing and glass for each private salon suite, completed all trimmings and making more progress on painting. Painting has been taking the longest and had some set backs but we are making progress and aiming for Wednesday to be all completed…. we also made some creative changes for the style and so excited for everybody to see it!

Finally by Wednesday we should have security crew, cabinet and counter top crew, and pluming installation. We are so excited to get everybody in!

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