Update 6 Oak Forest Salon Suites!

Hello everybody patiently waiting for the opening of Oak Forest. Here is another update of Essence of Oak Forest. The Salon Suites have taken another leap forward with the work we have done. We have so far completed 3/4s of the exterior painting to make the building pop from a mile away and excited to see the front completed very soon! Inside we have completed all the flooring for and trim for each Salon Suite! Today the crew was hard at work completing the drop ceiling and finishing up the trims around the windows of the Suites should allow us to start installing the glass! Painting is also almost complete with about have of the rooms fully completed. We are moving fast and will continue to update in the coming days.

Thank you to all of our amazing lifestyle professionals for being so patient with us while work hard to give them the Salon Suite that everybody deserves!

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