Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is Essence Salon Suite rent?

Rents start at $250 per week but it depends on the size of suite. Suite rents will increase as the size of the suite increases.

How does Essence Salons work?

Essence Salon Suite business model rents by the week the use of a Salon Suite with a NO CONTRACT NO HASSEL agreement. Lifestyle Professionals can leave at anytime with a 4 week notice. Our goal at Essence is to develop life long relationships with our Lifestyle Professional's.

What is the average size of a salon suite?

10 x 12

The average suite is 10 x 12 and if that's too small it is possible that we can expand your unit to a larger size.

How many clients can I have in my suites?

We ask that you don't have more than 2 clients in your suite. With Covid still part of our lives and with the CDC rules still in place the average number of clients in your suite must follow the current city and state rules.

What comes in a suite?

Each suites is equipped and ready to go. Just bring in your stylist chair and your tools and start operating your business.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. You will be required to pay a one week rent nonrefundable deposit.

Do I need a state license to rent a suite?

Yes. If a state and or city license is required you will have to provide us with a copy before renting a suite.

Once a renter can you help with setting up my suite?

Yes. We will at no extra cost help you hang any pictures or put up any custom mirror or shelving you may need. Just bring them in and we will put them up.

Can I design my suite?

Yes you can but please inform us before making any changes to the suite.